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I'm Michelle.

I go to an all girls catholic school in Portland, OR.

Building things to destroy them.


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Forgive. Forget. Fake it. Chin up. Wear lipstick, make lists, make sure your voicemail isn’t full. Mix protein shakes, send timely thank you notes, sip drinks more slowly, stare at adults’ eyebrows, smile without dimples, develop perfect posture. Be gracious, be kind, eliminate self-pity. Look in the mirror and shift your internal monologue from ‘How do I look?’ to ‘This is my face,’ from ‘What the hell am I doing?’ to ‘This is my life.’ Capitalize your emails, read the news, walk briskly, stay focused, and never, ever let on that you are somewhat lost and sometimes lonely and so completely confused (and would someone please just let me know what it is I’m supposed to do next, where exactly I’m supposed to go–). Just keep going. Go, and do not stop.
— Jennifer Schaffer, A Checklist For The Age 19 

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men are so afraid of confident girls and its so funny

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Tyler, The Creator - She (Featuring Frank Ocean) (Goblin, 2011)

And I just couldn’t take it, you’re so motherfuckin’ gorgeous

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cis person: so what are you, like, biologically?
me: water, 35 liters. carbon, 20 kilograms. ammonia, 4 liters. lime, 1.5 kilograms. phosphorous, 800 grams. salt, 250 grams. saltpeter, 100 grams. sulfur, 80 grams. fluorine, 7.5 grams. iron, 5 grams. silicon, 3 grams, and trace amounts of 15 other elements.
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